Dance Lists 2017 Jan-June

1) Hey Stranger

2) Digital Age

3) Say it again

4) Take Me to the River

5)  No Mercy

6)  Mirror Mirror

7) Yeeeee Haaaaa

8) Echoes of Love

9) Oops baby

10) Handclap

11) Cha cha Tomorrow

12) Tango with me Darling

13) Inna’s Heaven

14) Butterfly

15) Love Centric

16) Wants and needs

Wants and needs 56 counts before dance choreographed by teacher Sophia

17) I have a faith in you baby Demo by choreographer

I have faith in you baby tutorial by teacher Sophia

*** I have faith in you baby Demo by 7:05pm class***

18) Chunky – tutorial at 3:24

19) Cheers to my Ex Demo by choreographer

“Cheers to my Ex” tutorial by teacher Sophia

20) Whistle while you work it

21) Run me like a river

22) Das Le Tango

23) She used to be mine

24) Stuck in my head

Stuck in my head demo by choreographer

25) Clap Snap
Clap Snap demo by choreographer